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Welcome to AKC German Shepherds Home




AKC German Shepherds Home is a temporary home for German Shepherd puppies, who are trained and then sold as pets. We at AKC German Shepherds Home raise each puppy with love and care and ensure that it is of the best quality when it comes to training.

Although a family-owned business, our puppies are sought after from Germany and also all over North America and Canada.

The Purchase Process

In order to begin the purchase process, you must be sure of the fact that you want to welcome a furry companion into your homes and open your hearts to love the puppy like a child. The purchase process is clear, once you have chosen the puppy you want, the process will have the following steps:

  • Vaccination
  • Registration
  • Pre Flight Checks
  • Shipping


Hers’s a vivid run down of the full purchase process here at AKC German Shepherds Home for your chosen puppy has been confirmed.





Why Choose Us?

Socialized & Handled

We prepare our puppies right from birth, making them comfortable for social settings and around different people. They are handled regularly and at an early age, moving their muzzles up and down, opening their mouths, and holding them on their backs in the air. This practice helps make the puppies become accustomed to socializing at the tender age of 8 weeks and enables them to adapt quickly to their forever homes. The puppy is more confident and friendly in new environments.

A Successful Story

We have a one-year health guarantee for the German Shepherd Puppy to be free from genetic disorders. We complete a thorough examination complete with booster shots by our trusted vet. Our puppies are well-groomed with dew claws and tails done by the vet, as early as 3-5-year-old puppies. We will provide the new family with everything they need to make the puppy welcome in their home. This puppy pack will include size appropriate toys, a blanket that smells like home, and a one week supply of Fromm Gold Puppy Food.

Raised As Family

Our puppies are raised just like family members, providing them with all the love and care they need. The first few weeks after birth are crucial, hence we keep a vigilant eye on them, ensuring that they have everything they need and get adapted easily to the environment. Once they reach the age for walking they interact with children and larger dogs on a regular basis. We ensure that the puppies get used to children and adult dogs, and develop a playful and friendly nature. We potty train the puppies at an early age, they develop an instinct to keep their play and sleep area clean. This makes it easy for them to transition into their forever home and you don’t have to worry about accidents!

Training Starts Here

We litter-box train our puppies much like cats, with pine pellet litter. We begin litter box training between 3-4 weeks of age. This helps play on natural instincts to keep their play and sleep area clean. By 5-8 weeks of age puppies are well trained and rarely have accidents. This helps immensely with the transition to house breaking and crate training. This also helps in the beginning months if you have to leave you puppy alone for extended periods of time. You can set them up in a small area with food, water, and a litter box and they are self sufficient and much cleaner in their habits.