Privacy Policy

We ensure after-sales services and continue to maintain a relationship with you even after the purchase process is completed. As a conscientious breeder, experienced puppy counselors, and die-hard puppy lovers, we'd like to believe nothing can ever go wrong with our puppies. However, there are many extraneous factors that can impact the health and wellness of a puppy.

Our Health Care Guarantee

We take the health of your puppy extremely seriously and have ensured a stringent process so that you do not face any difficulties. Some of the measures that we have in place for a better health system include:

  • Examination of the puppy within 2 days of receiving the puppy to be done by the new family; a copy of this will be sent to us so that we can maintain a record. This examination should be performed by a licensed veterinarian. We will ensure that your puppy has all of the vaccinations up to date when you receive your puppy, so you do not need to worry about vaccinating it for the first ten days.
  • Regular health examinations at least up to 16 weeks of age, of your puppy along with health maintenance such as immunization and vaccinations, are to be done by you.
  • We perform de-worming as well as vaccinations right before you receive your puppy, but you will need to continue to do this process once the puppy goes to your home to make sure it remains healthy and worm-free.

Goodies for your puppy

While we are always sad to see a puppy go, we ensure that it has all the necessary items to make it feel comfortable in its new forever home. The items that we send along with your puppy include:

  • Five Year Genetic Guarantee, NO strings attached.
  • AKC starter packet.
  • Health Record.
  • Certified vet check before your puppy arrives.
  • Baggy full of GSD food.
  • New plush Bolster bed.
  • Three new First Toys.
  • Two stainless steel puppy bowls.
  • Training treats.
  • Soft cuddly blanket.
  • Puppy outfit.
  • Brush for puppies’ coat.
  • New tube of Nutri-Stat puppy nutrition supplement.
  • Puppy Training book.
  • First dose of Revolution to prevent heartworms, fleas, ticks, and mites
  • Brand new dog crate that is big enough to last them for life.

Extensive Parasite Prevention treatment from a nationally known vet expert.