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Gaetan Gills NY, USA
Warm Greetings AKC German Shepherds Home, Malishka is currently doing great and is growing as happy as possible. I’ve sent you some pictures by email so you can enjoy your baby as well. She is the sunshine of our days, she is always playing, giving us love, and making funny faces!!! My Regards,
Annita Clancy SD, USA

I Purchased Tony, a German Shepherd puppy, from you guys and he is beautiful, healthy and everything they promised, the process was simple, and they stayed in touch with me through every step, AKC German Shepherds Home are highly recommended.

Brandon Dickinns TX, USA

We really loved the staff, super friendly and non-pressuring. Fell in love with a puppy but, we just had a baby lol we can’t take care of two babies. we would highly recommend AKC German Shepherds Home breeder to anyone finding a new friend.

Daniel's Family NJ, USA

Our little girl is getting bigger by the day! We are so pleased with our new protector from AKC German Shepherds Home.

Anthony & Lisa TX, USA

They kept in touch with us for the entire process and I have a healthy puppy. My family is happy now more than we were before we got our dog. Thanks again.

Abel Sandlers ON, CANADA

Your dogs are awesome. DUKE is just the perfect companion for QUEEN. They are both going on well. They have been the happiest of dogs that I have ever seen. I appreciate and recommend you guys to everyone out there.